martes, 22 de enero de 2008

New year, new skin care

With the New Year just upon us it is time to reconsider our skincare routine as we get – dare I say it – a year older.
Many of us struggle to understand our skin’s needs and keep up with them. A product we have used religiously may not be what our skin needs now.
I would recommend that every woman should visit her beauty adviser every six months to assess their skin’s needs as these change from season to season and sometimes month to month depending on the environment and our personal lifestyles.
An area many women struggle with is identifying those first signs of ageing – a time when it is vital to change the products we are using to adapt to these changes.
How can we detect changes in our skin and delay those first lines? I would suggest getting to know your skin intimately – it’s texture appearance and so on. This is so easy, it just involves us paying attention to our reflection in the mirror each day. As this becomes a habit it is easy then to notice subtle changes which can be the prelude to seeing those textural and radiance changes.
The clever Research and Development bods at Estee Lauder headed up by Dr Daniel Maes has discovered that uneven skin tone alone can add an average of up to 10 to 15 years to a woman’s perceived age, even in the absence of visible lines and wrinkles. In other words, when photos of women’s faces were airbrushed to remove certain imperfections, the faces with more even skin tone were overwhelmingly judged to be younger by participants. So we should all make radiance and skin tone a priority to make ourselves look younger.
A regular visit to a beauty adviser can inform us of the ingredients we should be looking out for – things like peptides, collagens, or even humble vitamin C.
Dr Maes says, “For years we’ve seen the benefits of vitamin C in skincare, but mainly in terms of its protective role against environmental assaults.
“What we’ve come to learn however is that vitamin C is also extremely important for helping skin maintain a healthy and youthful look, naturally build collagen stores and contribute to a more even skin tone appearance.”
It’s good to know that with help from science we can improve the texture and tone of our skin even as we get older.
The best advice I can give is to get to know your skin and watch for subtle changes and make visiting a beauty adviser a top priority for 2008. They can help assess what treatment products are right for you.




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